domingo, octubre 19, 2008

I Choose (That’s What I Do):

Be aware the pain for my unwillingness to fall, be aware the sadness for my absence of it, be ready the anger to be faced and be aware myself to arise.

For today the decision has been made, destiny is no longer an issue and my self is facing the sun as a hitchhiker facing the long road to walk, ready for anything, aware of the loneliness. So this road be my soul-grave, so this road be my punishment, because if there is a hell…I’ve earned my entrance long time ago.

And this day be remembered for me embracing my road, embracing my role, and embracing my so called fate. The role has been given, the “pain-eater” has been born…no, the “pain-eater” has become aware of his existence, so for this day onwards…on pain I feast.

Because…to fall in pain and reject the experience, to be consumed by the anger and throw yourself into oblivion, to declare war to emotions and lock yourself into hatred…and to give up on life in order to seek peace…

I choose not…

7 comentarios:

NiNoSkA NoGaLeS dijo...

The waiver frees gives peace, invites you to transcend. That renunciation is done with love, from the soul with detachment.

Good luck in your way, transcending always!

Smiles!! =)

Principito dijo...

I'd only change a word and not for rhyme alone, not meal but feast, if that is so should we call it the master piece if not, only a magnificent one.
Regards my master

Charli dijo...

Feast indeed.

Anónimo dijo...

que dira, pues, yo se ingles

Charli dijo...

Esa me hinche!!

P.D.- Y si...SI SE...bleeee.

Je je je je.

Raúl dijo...

liver alone!!! cheese with me!!! julier!!

Choose, or not choose... thats the problem..

Anónimo dijo...

Aguante dimebag la puta que lo parioooo!!